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I tweaked that Lexus IS350 spot.

Normally the formula is: visual story-gag + announcer relating what you’ve seen to the product or service + slogan/summary, but lately I’ve noticed that the announcer parts aren’t even making sense. The Lexis IS350 is an example, after the opening bit in which a shirtless neighbor who was helping a lady runs from an irritated boyfriend, the announcer describes the IS350 with “as aggressive as it looks.” What? So I tweaked the spot for them. They’ll probably thank me with a new Lexus, right? That’s fine. I can work with that.


I have to say this really entertains me, and it at least gets me to see what collaboration tools Google is trying to have us use, out of the kindness of their hearts, I’m sure. (UPDATE) Interesting they chose a song from 1982, when Google did not exist. Is that how far back we have to go to find common culture now?