I write and record voice and music for any non-nefarious purpose. Some of my tracks are available for license at stock music houses, but I also create custom music. Here are samples of my music I put against existing commercials. And here are some cartoons and other fun I’ve had over the years.


Here’s a sampling of radio I’ve written and produced, then my voice reel. Give them a second to load.

Stunt Doubles. Celebrating the coffee at QuickTrip with John O’Hurley. Bread. The invention of bread and banks for Netbank. I also do some voice work. It sounds like this.

Other work I’ve been known to do is name development and ad campaigns. You can contact me via this handy form.

Up to the mid-90s I worked at an Ad Agency in Atlanta. There I did two campaigns for the AJC, worked on the Coca-Cola account, A Florida Resort, a little banking, a now-bankrupt software company run by an ex-quarterback, and Six Flags. I have no proof of this, other than my lack of hair and a several witnesses.

More recently I’ve been involved with social media, marketing content management and other digital manifestations of our vast persuasion industries. I also do some comedy writing here and there, and branding.