That Code Monkey version with extra guitar track.

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Code Monkey with extra guitar

I just realized, after about, oh, years,  why I kept getting visitors to a page here that seemed to have no relevance to anything beyond its specific date. Because of this entry at Jocopedia, people were looking for the track above.

Sorry about the misdirection.

Oh, and if you’re somehow here but haven’t heard of Jonothan Coulton, go check his site. The man’s rurnt with genius.

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    Hi, Copland. I guess you’re already a Jonothan Coulton fan, but just in case you stumbled here without knowing of him, I should be clear that this song was written and performed by the mighty Mr. Coulton. My only contribution was the lead guitar track. But if you think that made the song somehow more amazing, I’ll gladly thank you for the compliment. It was fun to do!

  2. I am a Coulton fan, and this is one of my favorite tracks. But your amazing musical sense and guitar skills really add to it!

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    Well then, since you’re a Coulton fan, your musical taste is beyond question, so your compliment is especially appreciated. There’s a high probability it could make my day if nothing astoundingly magnificent happens in the next three hours. Have a great weekend.

  4. Dude, sweet additions to the original. It didn’t seem like it needed anything to me but the extra track works pretty well. kudosmy friend… many kudos.

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    Thanks, Thomas. Coulton’s songs are so good they’d be fine with xylophone and kazoo renditions. Guess that’s why I never tried another one.

  6. I agree that the lead guitar makes the track more interesting. I always listened to the acoustic version because I found the original album version a little monotonous but this lead track gives it plenty of interesting things. I really enjoyed the harmonies and the cat call.

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    So glad you like it. I remember doing that track and being surprised at how many holes I found in which to play something. You’d never find that in a Coulton song these days.

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